Formazione insegnanti

Training intended as contribution and stimulus to the growth of the person and of the profession to pursue the development of skills and contribute to continuing education, which makes it even more necessary for those who interact with children or who are in the role of parent for the first time.

I percorsi di formazione e aggiornamento sulle metodologie per lo sviluppo di un approccio interculturale alle attività educative e didattiche sono rivolti agli insegnanti e operatori delle strutture scolastiche del Municipio. The training courses and updating on methodologies for the development of an intercultural approach on educational and didactic activities are aimed at teachers and operators of the municipal school structures.

They are indispensable paths for those who work and are in contact every day with children of different cultures. Teachers and nursery school operators of the Municipality will thus acquire new educational and didactic methods which may be useful in classroom teaching but also to improve and develop a new intercultural approach towards children and families within the territory itself, even outside the school context.

These courses of thematic in-depth analysis are addressed to the teachers of the Kindergarten and Primary Schools of the Municipality I of Rome.

The meetings are held in the afternoon usually at the end of the service hours and are agreed with the school teachers. The number of appointments may vary according to the needs of the teachers.

In the two Intercultural Centres that work with the children from municipal nursery schools (Intercultura al Centro and Chicco di Riso), as regards parents who wish to pass some time at the centre, will be activated small working groups , which favour the contact and the sharing between different cultures around topics related to the world of children such as lullabies or fairy tales. Parental participation may be encouraged or requested for specific activities.